The Leo Flasher has been in development for 10 years.  Leo spent 1000's of hours on the water coming up with the most innovative, dual action flasher on the market.  He wanted to develop a flasher that would run in any condition, at any current or troll speed.  He wanted one flasher that would take the place of two or more flashers.  

The results are what you see today.  The Leo Flasher can run as a inline spinning flasher using the front snap hole, or as a rolling, thumping style flasher by using the offset snap hole. Depending on conditions and speed, each one has its place.  The Leo Flasher will outfish traditional "skateboard style" flashers.  It thumps harder and runs more consistently giving more action to the baits behind it.  With this flasher there is no need to change flashers.  You simply position the front snap for the condition and keep fishing.  

Proudly made in the USA.
Patent Pending